Weapon Details Edit

A long range weapon. It has higher damage than a spear, but slower. The Lance is two handed weapon, not allowing for the use of a shield.

Special Moves Edit

Charge. You charge at the enemy, doing consecutive hits of 1 to your opponent. Damage depends on your charging position, time of charge, and your charge duration. Enemy size could count too. It can hit large enemies multiple times.

Weapon List Edit

Standard Lances
Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Lance Lance 3 Steel 3
High Lance High Lance 5 Lances 4
Zoa Lance Zoa Lance 5 High Lances 5 Lancer
Giga lance Giga Lance 5 Zoa Lances 6 Lancer
Giga Lance Giga Lance 5 Zoa Lances 6 Lancer
Holy lance reg Holy Lance 5 Giga Lances 7 Master


Holy lance Holy Lance 5 Giga Lances

2 Dragon Horns

7 Master


Paragon lance Paragon Lance 5 Holy Lances 8 Conquering


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