1. Never hesitate to ask for help.

2. Turn sound on, music is nice.

3. Emotes are fun, use them as often as you can.

4. Post on your Puppet's profile if its AFK or not. (right click, then a menu will show up. Click "Away (AFK)".


5. Be nice to other Players.

6. If someone is ignoring you, they are most likely not there. Or they really are ignoring you.

7. Please note the English speaking barrier, for people play from different parts of the world.

8. Never tell/ask someone to heal you.

9. Never tell/ask someone to roll for you.

10. While someone is rolling, do not make the group wait for you to come.

11. It is always nice to help new players.

When with Team:

12. It's always better to team up rather than solo.

13. If you run out of dice rolls, try to team up with others. Dice rolls are shared.

14. To join a team, click near team leader when circle appears, Even if you are already near leader. Once you see a red/orange life bar above you and other team members, you are in the team.

15. To teleport with team, click blue circle area ONCE that forms around roller, and wait until you float.

16. Clicking on someone will bring up their inventory, to prevent this draw your weapon (Ctrl).

17. When healing with a Healing Feather, make sure no one (including monsters) is near you. Otherwise your heal will get stolen.

18. While someone is rolling, do not check your items until you are floating. If you are rolling go ahead and check items. (Note: when floating or rolling dice you are immune to all damage)


19. Be aware of SCAMMERS! Scammers can be anyone so be careful who you trust. They could be the people you team with a lot. Be cautious.

20. Do not give out personal information.