Physical Weapons


  • Black Wood - Can Be found in Tower 1 (Last Space)
  • Iron - Can Be Found In Towers 2, 6, and 7.
    • Steel - Iron x 2 + Limestone x 3
  • Oak - Can Be Found In Tower 3
  • Limestone - Can Be Found In Tower 5 and Tower 7


Iron Weapons
Steel Weapons
Wooden Weapons
Misc Weapons

Please refer to individual weapon pages for damage details

Special MovesEdit

Special moves can be used by holding Shift and pressing the Spacebar. If you have a 1-handed weapon, you can change your special move to guard by equipping a shield.

Shield: (shift) Guard. Defends from enemy attacks. (Usable with 1h weapons such as axes, long swords, spears, etc...)

  • Note: when equipped with a shield, the 1h weapons turbo attack will be replaced with a shield block, therefor only allowing for the 1h weapon standard damage hit. Block as long as you want, but you can't attack with it blocking.

Magical Weapons

Seen those highly-experienced people walking around with lots of staffs? Here's how they made them!

For each Gem Staff, there are 2 of intermediate forms: one is a Wand, one is a Rod. So you ask, What's the difference? Well, the wand does Magical damage, and uses magic points, while the Rod does not produce any magic. You simply hit the enemy with it, and it will react in a different way to each Gem rod.


Wooden Staff
  • 1 Black Wood = 1 Wooden Staff
    • used in the creation of all gem staffs

Composite WandsEdit

Certain wands are made with two kinds of gems or potentially more in the future. Such wands include:


Upgrade and make weapons by putting items in the Synthesis Jar. (Items >Synthesis Jar)

Physical WeaponsEdit

Physical Weapons can be made better by combining five weapons to make the next level up, like upgrading. After Upgrading, the weapons have a higher impact.

Progression: Regular, High, Zoa, Giga, Holy, Paragon

  • Progression for Scythe: Regular, Ghost, Phantom , Death


  • 5 Halberds = 1 High Halberd
  • 5 High Halberds = 1 Zoa Halberd
  • etc...

Magical WeaponsEdit

Magical Weapons can be made better by combining the weapons together.

Progression: Wooden Staff, Gem Staff, a rod or wand, combine the rod and wand to make the final form: a Staff.